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Blend of Sandalwood

Sandalwood Essential Oil (Santalum album) is also commonly known as Indian Sandalwood. Sandalwood Essential Oil has a medium-strength woody, earthy, and slightly balsamic aroma presenting a base fragrance note. It’s an oil with a very high viscosity.

Sandalwood is a perfume of Mars and Virgo. When Virgo people are sick, to be healed quickly they must smell sandalwood on a daily basis.

Blend of Sandalwood is said to help with scars, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, dry skin, moisturizing, blemishes, wounds, cuts, burns, decongestant, stress, anxiety, sedative, aphrodisiac, fever, high blood pressure, pain, calm, relax, peace.

Uplift the mood and dispel inferior thoughts when using Sandalwood Essential Oil in aromatherapeutic applications. The oil helps you move into a deeper meditative state, while creating a calming, grounding environment. Diffuse to reduce irritability, and help balance grief and fear.

Sandalwood Essential Oil’s woody aroma helps nourish skin, making it a great addition to aftershave or moisturizer. Also use the oil as an aphrodisiac and to promote restful sleep.

Includes one 15 ml bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Silvia Shamulus
Sandalwood Blend

Received in perfect condition, I love the aroma, thank you! I highly recommend Glorian for your incense, scents and books as well as notifications and reminders of upcoming esoteric events.

Andrea M.
Sandalwood blend

My favorite oils have been sandalwood and peppermint lately. I looked for the right scent of sandalwood for a long time. While wearing one of the oils a person from India told me I smelled like an Indian temple. I am not sure if it was meant as a compliment, but I think it was too strong since it would linger for quite some time. When I received this Sandalwood Blend I noticed that it smelled wonderful, not too sweet, with only gentle roselike fragrance, and not overwhelming for people a 100 feet away to notice it. Make sure you shake the bottle really well and bring instant calm to your senses every time you smell your wrists, where I like to apply it.

Catherine Rodriguez

Blend of Sandalwood

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